Monday, 4 June 2012

They can't wait to get out

Well it looks like Gareth Bale and Steven Pienaar have joined the list of Spurs personnel to want out, alongside Van Der Vaart, Kranjcar, Modric, Lennon, Kaboul and of course Harry himself. Or once again it could simply be silly season with the media trying to manoeuvre a transfer through to sell extra copies.

As a Spurs fan I can't remember the last summer where one of our star players wasn't allegedly on the move. Last year we had the Modric to Chelsea saga drawn out across the summer and the year before it was the rumours of Man City closing in on Bale. This summer it seems the press are going for the jugular however.

This morning The Mirror report that Gareth Bale has gone on holiday to think over his future with Spurs. The alternative and more reasonable likelihood is that Gareth Bale has gone on holiday to think over the best way to come back with a perfect tan. But that won't sell!

I'm not completely blinkered and realise that the Steven Pienaar rumour probably does have truth in it; that he wants out, but has had a price placed on his head too high for interested parties. But even so, it's common knowledge that Pienaar wants out, so are the journalists that lazy to rehash old news? I guess I don't need answers on a postcard for that one.

Van Der Vaart was linked last week consistently with a transfer back to Germany due to previous positive playing experiences out there. Schalke were ready to 'end his hell' as one paper put it. How strange then that Mr Van Der Vaart should come out and express that 'Actually, I want to stay at Tottenham'. I know that players have to remain diplomatic and respectful to their clubs in most cases just in case a move doesn't come to fruition, but Rafael has never demanded a move and over the past two years has constantly talked of his love for the club and the league.

So is there a club that gets as much gutter press directed at them in the Premier League as our Spurs? I just don't think there is. Is there an element of truth in the stories or are they just unfounded easy targets for stories? I think I know which one it is.

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