Thursday, 14 June 2012

Lack of respect from Charlie

It's boring being a Spurs fan. Just when you thought that the FA's appointment of Roy Hodgson had closed the whole Harry Redknapp saga, Levy decides to wield the axe and we now move in to the process of a finding a new man to take the club forward.

With the majority of Spurs stories understandably covering the departure and it's fallout, I thought I'd look at another story that seems to have got lost amongst the masses. In an interview with The Sun this morning Vedran Corluka fired a warning shot at us regarding our midfield talisman Luka Modric and his future.

"We all know it will be very difficult for Spurs to keep Luka" and "Not getting into the Champions League will cost Spurs next season" were just a couple of the quotes that stood out from the interview. Now I know Corluka has no love for the club having fallen out of favour this year, but should an employee really be talking like this about their current employer?

We are all aware of the interest Modric has received across Europe and it is common knowledge that he wished to leave last summer. Whilst I don't like the constant rumours of his departure, they can be understood as it is journalists with no ties to the club trying to sell a few papers. To have a player on the inside spouting off about another player's future however is unacceptable.

Last year Modric was severely affected by the reports to the point where he missed a couple of games at the start of the season. If a teammate is commenting on him, surely this will unsettle even more? We all know why Corluka is talking like this as his bitterness at not receiving the appearances he felt he deserved last season has brought out his petty side on regular occasions, but with Spurs holding all the cards over his own future, a smart move this does not seem.

Corluka served this club admirably and effectively in his first couple of seasons and it would be a shame for him to leave with a poor rapport with the fans, but it seems like this is the way he wants it to be.

As for Harry, whilst the end of his spell was tarnished by the disappointment of missing out on the Champions League, I hope I speak for everyone when I say thank you for what you achieved at our club in pushing us to the level we are at today. Only time will tell whether Levy is proven correct.

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