Thursday, 24 May 2012

It's all gone quiet over there

A week ago it looked a nailed on certainty that Jan Vertonghen would be wearing the Lilywhite of our club next season. We were hearing quotes that he was desperate to join us and that it was purely the transfer fee which needed sorting, but there was very little in the difference between the two clubs valuation of the player. However in the last few days very little information has been released and no doubt many of us will be getting fairly antsy about this.

This morning rumours of a move for Jonas Olsson have been rife and widespread, a player who plays at centre back and left back, the same positions as Vertonghen. Olsson is a fairly decent player, and has stood out in the West Brom team over the last few seasons but there must be a reason why none of the other top clubs have even looked at him, let alone bid for.

Of course it could just be an unfounded rumour that has been blown up by the various media outlets because of a lack of transfer movement. And it could be putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5 to think that Olsson may be a target chosen because Vertonghen now looks an unlikely deal. But as a Spurs fan we are used to the disappointment of getting so close to a top signing and then ending up with the booby prize, so it can't help but bring about scepticism and pessimism.

AC Milan have also been linked with Vertonghen, and our hard negotiating may prove to be our downfall on this occasion if we end up losing out on him. We need to realise that we cannot offer Champions League football next year and therefore if we don't get in early offers for the top players, we won't be able to compete when the big guns come calling.

I'll continue to trust Levy's judgement for now as I understand that there is no solid evidence that any of the rumours are true. Let's just hope that come August we have picked up the Star rather than the Turkey.

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