Friday, 18 May 2012

Ade declares love for Spurs

Very few players have split Spurs fans opinions like Emmanuel Adebayor has done this season. His previous links to Arsenal is something some cannot forgive and to many Spurs fans his form has been too inconsistent to be worthy of investing.

Ade yesterday came out declaring his love for the club stating that “I am a huge fan of Tottenham now and I love the club. If I am not at the club in the future, I will be following their games and wishing them luck". For a player like Adebayor who has always been seen as somewhat of a mercenary, these comments may surprise some but it seems there is no doubt as to his loyalties.

Ade's stats for this season read Played 33, Scored 17, Assists 11. For most these stats would be excellent as a contribution to 28 goals in 33 games is obviously going to include key goals that have helped us to 4th this season, but he has frustrated at times.

There are a few reasons why it seems unlikely there will be a return to the club, with a huge wage being the main stumbling block. Add on to this the likelihood that Man City would want a transfer fee, even if minimal and the costs are rising. I guess the argument could be made that if Ade wanted to rejoin us he'd take a wage cut but even so would this be enough to fit our wage cap?

For a player to declare his love for our club is nice to see, especially in the wake of Luka Modric's comments regarding holding off a decision on where he's going to be next season. He's wasteful at times but when he's playing at his best he's a match for any defender in the world, and could definitely strengthen our squad next year. We now just have to wait and see what will happen.

He may be gone (for now) but it will be a long time til he's forgotten.

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  1. Connor,

    He has frustrated me at times this season, but you are correct, on his day, he can beat anybody. But, then isn't that our problem? "on his day" seems to be the mantra of many key Spurs players, we need to get to the point where key players are "on their day" for all games barring injury...

  2. It's a good point made in the article