Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Have we ever had it so good?

Call this premature if you like, but I have to say that right now I'm feeling more positive as a Spurs fan than I have done at any other point over my 20 years of supporting the club.

AVB's interview this afternoon carried an air of confidence and a commitment to new ideas and progression for the club. The focus was on building from the strong foundations and taking us to the next level, something that even the most loyal Harry fan would have to admit was outside of Redknapp's abilities.

The strongest evidence of what an impression AVB's earlier interview gave is evident in the media's reporting of the Press Conference. So quick to write off the Portuguese prodigy on appointment, Spurs fans knew that there would be a likely struggle to get the media on side, but the majority of news headlines appear to be positive, with many journalists backing down on their pre-conceptions to admit that the man has a plan.

Not only the media but the players seem fully behind Villas-Boas with Rose, Caulker, Vertonghen, Friedel and Sigurdsson all delivering public praise. Some would say this is to be expected as they try to get on the managers good side for their future benefit but all comments seem genuine with a realm desire to do well under AVB's guidance.

There will of course be those in the squad that preferred Harry's methods, such as Parker, Gallas, Van Der Vaart and Livermore, but none seem likely to kick up the fuss that Terry, Lampard and Co did at Chelsea. If they did, I have no doubt AVB would have no hesitation in getting rid, and I have to say that despite these players performing impressively in their spells at the club, all are replaceable by players of equal or better ability.

And then there's the players we're now being linked with. Lloris. Moutinho. Oscar. Adebayor. Damiao. These are top class players, players we could only have dreamed of signing previously but all realistic targets now with the pull of a well respected, globally recognised manager.

AVB will always have his sceptics, but all signs point towards progression, and a brighter future. Could we ask for much more?

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